Ceremonial Magic

As I said before, ceremonial magic relies on ritual and recitation.  An example of the Calling the Quarters ritual can be found on the Cyber Witchcraft website.  This is a very simple version; I have seen some that would confound Shakespeare.  Is this one simple because it need not be complicated or has it been written for the intellectual equivalent of the ‘lowest common denominator?’  More importantly, does it still work?  That’s the main consideration with complex ritual.  The Calling of the Quarters ritual is a subsection of Drawing the Circle ritual.  The magic circle not only sanctifies a space for working any ritual, whether it be in celebration or something with a specific purpose.  An example of the former would be the Wheel of the Year festivals of Wiccans, Pagans, etc.  The magic circle is also  drawn for the protection of the participants from the Unseen, especially when the practitioner is working a Summoning Ritual of some sort.  However, that is another subject for another time.

Another type of ritual worth mentioning is Consecration.  In Pagan circles this is also known as Blessing, and you consecrate things ritual objects, water, salt and possibly wine for use in ritual.  Often you’ll find the Consecrating Water Ritual titled ‘Holy Water’, but if you’re not evoking God to bless that water, then it’s can’t be considered ‘holy’, because that term is applied to the Christian faith.  ‘Blessed’ or ‘consecrated,’ but not ‘holy’.  Some Fundamentalist would say that it can only be considered ‘holy’ if it were blessed by a Catholic priest, and not a ritual magician or priest of another faith.  

This is, incidentally, as close as we will get to enchanted items in this world, and for the most part, enchantment isn’t needed.  Bladed weapons, do a fine job of ‘damaging’ people and etheric beings, consecrated or not.  As for armor, if you added alchemical preparations to the water as you were making hard leather armor, in theory you might be able to add protective forces, but that would only be from psychic attach and the etheric ‘nasties’ that float around us, looking for an easy ‘meal.’  I say ‘in theory’ because it’s never been done, as far as I know.  Heating herbal preparations has always been a tricky proposition, because heating has a habit of distroying the properties of some of the more delicate herbs.  Then there is the affect of the alcohol on the leather.  Will it make the leather weaker against blades? I don’t know.

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