Psychic Warfare

This is the hardest and most contentious form of magic, and there are some that would insist it isn’t magic at all.  It is probably also magic in its darkest form.  Dark magic also affects the sender, which is why I don’t advocate practicing it, even though it’s, at this point, as close as we will get to fantasy magic in this world.  But all ethical considerations aside, a lot of it isn’t practical, such as the evil eye.  In games like Skyrim, when your NPC opponent casts a damage luck spell on you, it doesn’t affect you much in the battle; you’re spells won’t work as well, and more of your strikes won’t land, but that’s it.  For us, the evil eye is a petty attack to make someone’s life difficult, or more difficult than usual.

Energy leaching, or psychic vanpirism, is mostly an unconscious attack, often by souls of the departed who haven’t left the physical plane and are desperately trying to stay here by feeding off the etheric energy of the living.  Greer explains this rather well in his book, Monsters:  An Investigators Guide to Magical Beings, but since I no longer have it, I can’t give you particulars. 

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