Meditation: A Useful Tool Part I

I say ‘Part I’ because this topic is going to take a few posts.  In The Druid Magic Handbook, Greer suggests that we take up meditation, but that traditional Western meditation is a bad practice because it requires us to shut down our minds, because stopping what’s natural (in this case, mental chatter) is never a good idea.

A better approach is one that focuses on “training the mind and harmonizing it with the rest of the self”.  His technique is to decide on an idea or theme, then sit and explore the theme in thought, while letting the mind follow the theme as far as it can.  In other words, you sit and ponder.

The most illuminating comment from this sub-section of his discourse on meditation was the following:

Most occult traditions in the Western world use enigmatic images, symbols and texts to conceal the deeper dimensions of their teachings.  These are meant to be “unpacked” through discursive meditation and they give up their secrets no other way.  Once you learn to meditate in this way you have the key to most traditional occult lore.

‘Discursive’ is this form of meditation.  I called it ‘illuminating’ because there are several of the old texts which can basically be described as “Huh?” out there.  I guess I’ll be spending even more time thinking…

In peace,


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