Posture: Sit Up Straight!

So, instead of the common posture of sitting on a hard floor with crossed legs, Greer says we are to sit on a chair with a hard seat instead.  This doesn’t seal off our energies from the cosmos.  We have to sit so our lower back isn’t resting against the back of the chair with our feet flat against the floor.  The back should be straight without being stiff and our heads should be upright, no slumped shoulders, etc.  Our hands should be palm down on our thighs and our elbows at our sides.  We should look something similar to this badly drawn picture of an Egyptian statue.   

We need to meditate in the same place every day, facing East if we can, at roughly the same time every day or at least at the same point every day, such as before breakfast.  Greer says that outdoors is best, but indoors will do.  The last thing we need is to have a clock placed where we can check the time without turning our heads.  I guess I’ll be going shopping.

In peace,


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