Finally! Actual Meditation

So, after you do five minutes of breathing, then you focus on your meditation subject.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m going through all of this and the answer is simple:  we have to master the basics before we can expect to succeed with high-level magic.  Now, back to meditation.

To start, silently state your theme in as few words as possible or visualize it in an image, such as a rune, holding it in your mind for a short time, then start contemplating, exploring its implications and connections. Choose one that appeals to you, and follow it as far as you can.  Keep working at it for 10 minutes and then pay attention to your breathing to help return to ordinary awareness.

Your mind will probably wander in the beginning, and when it does, don’t beat yourself up and force your mind back to the theme, follow your thought pattern backwards, to where you left off and continue from there.  Meditate every day and you can add more actual meditation time gradually as you get better.

In peace,


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