Galdor Curse: Interesting

Sorry for the long absence folks; the next post is taking longer than I anticipated.  Here is a curse in the Galdor tradition. (Which is what I’m researching.)  I don’t know who found the original, but apparently the following is taken from the original:

This spell requireth ye hand gesture to be made in ye following way. Extend thy power hand outward toward thy intended target with thy palm facing thy face. Fold thy thumb, first, third, and small fingers into thy palm. If this be done properly, then ye finger of death and damnation shall be extended towards the heavens.

Whilst making the sign of malediction indicated above, intone the following incantation in a great and wrathful voice:





This being done, the wrongdoer’s fate is sealed. Great care must be taken with this most potent curse. It has been known in some instances for angry howling demons to take control of the intended target, causing great bodily harm to the unfortunate wizard.

The sounds are related to the runic alphabet, Futhark.  I would give you a name of a book by Edred Thorsson which goes into this in detail, but it’s another book I can’t find.  

In peace,


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