The Middle Bit: Calling the Elements

Calling the Elements Cheat SheetIn between The Elemental Cross ritual and the Sphere of Light is the Calling of the Elements ritual. In the Calling of the Elements ritual, you are calling on seven (?!?), elements, and banishing the unbalanced aspects of four of them in your life:  the Classic Four (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water), plus Spirit Above, Spirit Within and Spirit Below.

Greer says that we shouldn’t mistake this invocation/banishing ritual as being one where we force either the elements or parts of ourselves to do anything.  He compares it to trying to make a river flow faster by pushing the water: a waste of effort.  What we are actually doing is aligning ourselves with a particular set of relationships which correspond to a particular element and use those relationships to re-define areas of our life.

We are supposed to spend at least two weeks practicing this part of the ritual until we have it down pat and can feel the air respond during the ritual.  During that time, we should pay attention to any symbols relating to air in other aspects of our lives, and note them down in our journals, which I hope you’re keeping.

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